Top 10 pictures of 2017

Because 2018 just started (well kind of!), I decided to review all the pictures I’ve taken last year. I won’t detail here how many hours I spent classifying them… I actually haven’t totally finished yet. I went to so many gorgeous places it was very hard to pick 10 pictures only but I had to make a choice. By the way, all of the following pictures are displayed on my Instagram account with many others if you want to have a look. Let’s get started!

  1. Morisset Park – Sydney, Australia

10-Kangaroo Morisset Park

You just arrived in Sydney and don’t know where to go to see wild kangaroos? Head to Morisset Park! Located 1h30 North of Sydney by car, that’s probably your best shot unless you got lucky while driving around in the countryside. That being said, if you are travelling away from cities for several days you will probably see some of them anyway. The pastures in front of the psychiatric hospital are the best place to go to. For years already, kangaroos have been around and are now accustomed to people. You can easily approach them but it’s not allowed to feed them as it can make them sick. They are quite curious – but can also be scary for the big ones – and that’s how I could take that picture. Be aware they are wild animals and can react as such.

  1. Bamboo Island – Krabi, Thailand

09-Bamboo Island Krabi

That was my second time in Thailand and I spent my entire week in Phi Phi Island. Easily accessible from either Phuket or Krabi by ferry, the island is mostly famous for its festive spirit. But you also have few tracks allowing you to discover the wilderness! Another way is to take a long tail boat to see the more remote areas such as the famous Maya Bay in Phi Phi Leh – where the movie The Beach with Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed. That’s also how I reached Bamboo Island, a really small island with (almost) nothing but sand and palm trees, quite like paradise!

  1. Hyams Beach – Jervis Bay, Australia

08-Jervis Bay Sydney

Even though this picture looks quite similar to the previous one, it was taken more than 7,000km away from it! I was this time in Jervis Bay, a well-known summer spot south of Sydney. More precisely this shot was taken in Hyams Beach, which according to Guinness World Records, has the whitest sand on Earth! Dreamy isn’t it?

  1. Flying over the clouds – Phuket, Thailand

07-Sunset Phuket

On my way back from Phuket to Sydney, I was lucky enough to witness an incredible sunset from my plane window: the best way to peacefully start your night in the air.

  1. Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia

06- Bondi Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach is the most iconic beach in Sydney and probably one of the most famous in the world. What makes it even more unique is its beautiful swimming pool by the Ocean. When the weather is not at its best, waves break on rocks and split into the pool. Better not to swim at this time!

  1. Figure 8 Pools – Sydney, Australia

05-Figure 8 Pools Sydney

Discovered few years ago by somebody who shared the picture on Social Medias, the pools now are a must do if you are in the area. Many people unfortunately don’t take enough precautions and injuries often occur. It’s not that hard to get down to the pools, but the way back up is much more challenging, especially on a very hot day. Look at the tides and weather conditions before starting this 3-4 hours return walk and everything will be fine. That being said, that is an incredible place to see and you will be rewarded by stunning landscapes along the track to the pools.

  1. Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

04-Eiffel Tower Paris

Alright, I had to include at least one picture from France, my home country! I have lived and been to Paris so many times I don’t even count anymore. This picture was taken at the end of the day as the moon was rising into the sky, leaving me thoughtful as I was looking at this beautiful view.

  1. La Salie Sud – Bordeaux, France

03-Pier La Salie Sud

Well, I didn’t say I was going to share only one picture from France! La Salie Sud is located near Bordeaux in the South West of France, where I spent most of my childhood. Originally that wharf was built to bring to the sea used (and potentially polluted) water via a pipe from a wood factory nearby. It is still used nowadays and for the same reason but it is also possible to walk onto the 400m jetty. When looking at this picture, one word comes to my mind: infinity.

  1. Three Sisters – Blue Mountains, Australia

02-Three Sisters Blue Mountains

It is usual to think that with the best weather will result the best pictures. I proved myself wrong when I went to the Blue Mountains on a rainy day last year. I was amazed by the water reflection on the path as well as the mist which were bringing a totally different atmosphere to the place.

  1. Kanangra Walls – Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Australia


Here we go, my favorite picture from 2017! I discovered this national park on Instagram and was dreaming a lot about it, until I finally had the chance to be there. I even witnessed the sunrise from the top of those cliffs, which is a wonderful experience. At the first streak of dawn, I could hear birds singing, quite an amazing moment. Relatively remote and not easily accessible, you will definitely find here the peace of mind you are looking for.

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